Dental Insurance

Dental InsuranceYou’re having lunch with a colleague from work, chatting and chewing along as normal when – CRACK! — you suddenly wish you had dental insurance.

In this day and age, when there is so much public debate about medical insurance, dental insurance gets shoved to the side and nearly forgotten – but that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. A single, silly accident can lead to the need for serious oral surgery. One missing or broken tooth can easily end up costing thousands of dollars. For this reason, don’t neglect keeping a dental insurance.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Just as there are a variety of different health insurance plans, there are also many different types of dental insurance. Learn about these different types of insurance plans so that you can choose the plan that best suits your own needs.

  • Direct reimbursement programs: These types of plans will reimburse a predetermined percentage of the money you spend on dental care. That means you will pay for your dental care up front, and later on your plan will reimburse you with a set amount of money. One of the nice features of this type of plan is that it typically doesn’t exclude coverage for different types of treatment. These plans will also allow you to go to the dentist of your choice.
  • Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) programs: UCR programs also pay a set percentage of the dentist’s fee, but it’s based on what is considered “reasonable” or “customary” — whichever amount is less. What is considered “reasonable” or “customary” varies greatly from plan to plan. The policy’s idea of “reasonable” and “customary” may also be very different from what the dentist considers reasonable.
  • Schedule of Allowance programs: A Schedule of Allowance dental insurance program, also known as a Table of Allowance, has a list of covered dental services, each with a predetermined dollar amount. No matter what the dentist’s fee is, the plan will cover only that set dollar amount. This means that if the Schedule of Allowance covers $100 and the dentist charges $200, the patient will pay the remaining $100.

In addition to these three dental insurance policy types, there are other kinds of dental insurance, including dental PPO and HMO plans that are similar to their medical insurance cousins. There are also dental discount plans, which are the dental insurance equivalent of joining Sam’s Club and getting a discount on dental services by flashing your membership card.

Finding the Right Plan for YouFinding the Right Plan for You

Browse through our website to find the right dental plan for your own situation. You will definitely find the right rates and the right policy to suit your needs.