Credit Cards

If you’re looking for a credit card, make sure you do your research before you just dive in and apply for the first offer that comes in the mail. Review each and every types of credit cards below and choose the one that is a perfect fit for you.

Best Credit Card Offers

Credit CardsThere are certain things to look for when choosing the best credit card for you. The credit card you choose will be heavily influenced by what exactly the card is for. If you’re looking to combine the balance of multiple credit cards you’ll want to look into cards that are offering low transfer rates. If you’re interested in rewards or extras, look for rewards credit cards. The list goes on for the different types of cards available so choosing one with the best offer is essential.

Low Interest
While everyone would like a credit card with low interest, not everyone will get one. Some cards offer low interest rates but keep in mind that this will be based on your credit score. If you have a FICO score of 500, no matter what deals a bank is offering, expect to pay a high interest rate. The Chase Freedom card boasts low interest rates which can be obtained if you meet the credit requirements. Look for low interest credit cards if you tend to use credit cards frequently, and have a balance on your card every month. Look into your contract to make sure that you’re not subject to a rate increase within a few months. Some offers are only for a brief period of time, and then take a jump later on.

Low Transfer Rates
Some cards offer low transfer rates or even 0% for transfers on some cards. This is very beneficial in situations where your current card is carrying a balance and has a high interest rate, you may want o consider transferring the balance to a lower interest credit card. Also if you have multiple credit cards and want to have all of debt in one place, you can transfer all of the different balances onto one card. This is where the 0% APR on transfers offer comes into play. Often times this is just an introductory offer, so it needs to be taken advantage of within a certain time frame (usually a few months). Transfer rates will go back to normal after the introductory period. In order to see what the regular transfer rate for the card is, look at your contract so that you’ll know before you actually start using the card.

0% Introductory APR
This is one of the most common offers from credit card issuers. Offering 0% APR for the first 6-12 months is a great way to get people hooked. As long as you’re paying a certain amount (generally just the minimum) you won’t have to pay monthly finance charges for the introductory period. You have to be very careful when getting a card because of this offer. If there is a balance on your card at the end of the no interest period you will have to pay interest on all the purchases you’ve made up to that point, not just the balance. Also, if you miss a payment the introductory period will end and you’ll have to pay interest on all of the purchases up to that point. Also, cards with this offer tend to have higher interest rates than usual.

No Annual Fees
One disadvantage of credit card fees is annual fees. By selecting a credit card without an annual fee you can save yourself a few hundred dollars in some cases. There are plenty of cards that don’t impose annual fees. These are probably some of the easiest offers to come by right now. However, this might not be the case forever.

Rewards Offers
Rewards OffersSome credit cards offer immediate rewards simply for being approved for the credit card. Whether it is giving frequent flier miles or introductory points, this is a great way to get points simply for signing up and being approved. Some issuers allow you to receive points for signing up for online statements, or signing up for automatic payments. These free points are an excellent way of enticing people to choose their card over one that will make you earn every single reward through spending.

Look into all of these offers before applying for a credit card. Almost every single credit card issuer has some sort of special offer, so pick one that has the best benefits for you.