Credit Card Types – What You Should Know

If you’re looking for a credit card, it’s important that you know the different types of credit cards that are available to you. A lot of people have a tendency to just sign up for any credit card they get accepted to. However, choosing the best type of credit card will help you reap all… [Continue Reading]

Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

Credit cards can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, depending on how you use them. If used responsibly and correctly, credit cards can be extremely beneficial for you in several ways and even be better than cash in some situations. But with all things, there’s a negative side to credit cards. If you… [Continue Reading]

Understanding Credit Card Fees

It’s no secret that credit cards come with fees. It’s important to understand exactly what these fees are for so that you can avoid them if possible, or at least know what you’re being charged. When you look at your credit card bill and have to wonder “what is this billing fee for”, you cause… [Continue Reading]

Why Credit Cards Are Important

Every day millions of people sign up for credit cards for a variety of reasons. Some people use them for bills, some to buy clothes, and some just use them in case of emergencies. Some people avoid credit cards like the plague, not realizing the importance of them. Credit cards have become an integral part of… [Continue Reading]

3 Ways to Revive Your Credit Score

A credit score can’t be rebuilt overnight. If you’ve encountered tough times and have seen your credit score drop in recent years, the sad reality is it will take some doing to get it to where it’s respectable again. All the more reason to start rebuilding your credit score as soon a possible, here’s how:… [Continue Reading]

Dissect Credit Card Offers with a Metaphorical Scalpel

While most credit card offers come from legitimate credit card companies, it’s extremely important to watch out for fraud. By following a few important guidelines, you can distinguish between fraudulent and genuine credit card offers. Avoid Pre-Approved Cards and Hidden Fees First of all, be sure you read the fine print. Don’t be seduced by… [Continue Reading]

Credit Card Legistlation to start February 2010

Debt seems to define the American population, and in many cases, it is the sole problem most Americans are facing financially, economically, emotionally, mentally. Credit card companies and their high credit card rates do not seem to be helping either. In February 2010, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act became active in hopes… [Continue Reading]