Savings Account Rates for Students

Lots of students are becoming more fiscally aware and are starting to save more money while they are in school. Younger children think it may be strange to start saving money so early in life, but it is important to start saving for retirement as soon as possible. A great way for a young person… [Continue Reading]

Decode and Understand Your Paycheck

The first paycheck always comes with a mix of excitement and disillusion: excitement over the milestone of taking that first step towards independence; and disillusion with the realization that the government really does take a big bite out of our earnings. There aren’t many people who understand their first pay stub, there are those who… [Continue Reading]

High Yield Checking Accounts are Still Solid

A little over a year ago, the market was nearly saturated with high reward or high-yield checking accounts.  Some of these offerings had us wondering if this was too good to be true, and how long it could be sustained.  We recently decided to take another look to see whether or not these rates have… [Continue Reading]

Take Advantage of Sallie Mae’s High-Yield Savings Accounts

Federal loan giant Sallie Mae has recently entered the retail banking sector, and they’re offering competitive rates on high-yield savings accounts. Here, we’ll do a brief rundown of Sallie Mae’s high-yield savings accounts. Powerful Interest Rates Sallie Mae’s current High Yield Savings Account is offering an interest rate of 1.34%, though this figure might fluctuate.… [Continue Reading]

Search Globally for the Best Savings Rates

You can often find some of the best savings rates in foreign market savings accounts. Researching savings rates on the global market can be a bit intimidating, but it’s one of the best ways to capitalize on strong currencies. Here, we’ll take an in depth look at foreign currency savings accounts. How Foreign Currency Savings… [Continue Reading]

Joint Savings Accounts and If You Should Have One

The purpose of a savings account is to store money in a place where it accrues small amounts of interest. Banks, money market funds companies, and credit unions offer such checking and savings accounts to customers. Savings accounts are safe places to store money as they are insured up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit… [Continue Reading]

Basic Types of Checking Accounts

Should a person want to establish a checking account, he should do some research and look for attributes such as no hidden, ATM or bank service charges, what the minimal fees are for over-withdrawing, are there free lifetime checking and savings accounts, and if there is free online access. Overdrawn Checking Accounts Checking accounts are… [Continue Reading]

What is a Savings Account: Savings Account Basics

Savings accounts are a safe place to keep money that is not immediately needed. Though they are not as liquid as checking accounts, the money is still fully accessible. Presently, there are two kinds of basic savings accounts. First, a customer can receive a passbook account, where the bank gives a person a booklet used to… [Continue Reading]

Checking Account Terms

Checking and savings accounts are some of the most basic staples to a person’s financial cture. While checking and savings accounts can provide us with a way to make everyday payments and purchases, they can also earn us interest. Understanding some of the basic checking and savings account terms can help us to make better… [Continue Reading]