Dissect Credit Card Offers with a Metaphorical Scalpel

While most credit card offers come from legitimate credit card companies, it’s extremely important to watch out for fraud. By following a few important guidelines, you can distinguish between fraudulent and genuine credit card offers.

Avoid Pre-Approved Cards and Hidden Fees

First of all, be sure you read the fine print. Don’t be seduced by pre-approved cards, and make sure you’re fully aware of the interest rate you’re paying. Also, make sure you know if any ‘teasers’ will increase after a certain period of time. You should also investigate any credit card hidden fees.

Shop Around
Always compare interest rates. You have a right to select the card that best suits your needs. There are a plethora of different credit cards out there, and they each have perks and disadvantages. Choose a card that has rewards that you’ll actually be able to use.
Never, ever pay fees up front to acquire your credit card. No legitimate credit card company will ever require you to pay anything up front to obtain your credit card. Also, stay away from ‘credit consultants’ that try to help you get a credit card.

The Benefits of Special Types of Credit Cards
Sometimes it’s a good idea to acquire a special type of credit card, such as a secured credit card, prepaid credit card, or premium credit card. You may have special financial needs that require you to place a deposit on whatever card you are using. Don’t consider this a disadvantage. Rather, you should use this as an opportunity to build credit.

If you’re able to successfully manage one credit card, then you’ll be able to increase your credit so that later on you can qualify for a mortgage or some other purchase that requires good credit.

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